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Aussie Mick


This absolutely adorable, mature 10-12 year old male koala came to us through a concerned police officer, who was informed about a very sick, blind white koala.

When Mick arrived at the Koala Hospital we found that he was suffering from the ocular form of chlamydial infection, a bacterium that can infect both the eyes and the urogenital tract of koalas.

We were also amazed at how beautiful he was, and that he was indeed simply a white koala with a black nose, brown tips on his ears, and brownish/grey tips on all his toes and soft brownish black pads on his feet. His coat felt very different from the usual koalas as it actually had a waxy soft texture, and it was very thick. He certainly smelt the same as any other male koala having a strong pungent glistening scent gland and that lovely eucalypt aroma.

Both of Mick's eyes were so bad that there was an overgrowth of proliferative tissue that had actually covered both his eyes. Surprisingly, he was in very good body condition, so he had managed to still locate food, and must have remained high in the trees as much as possible.

Mick underwent eye surgery under the capable hands of our vet Chris Livingston at the Port Macquarie Vet Surgery who removed all the proliferative tissue from both eyes. The transformation was immediate and we discovered that Mick actually had pale yellow eyes, quite different from the dark brown ones that normal koalas have, and very different to the red eyes of an albino.

Interestingly, Mick developed a great appetite and liking for the local Port Macquarie eucalypt leaf – it must have been like dining in a foreign restaurant every night, as the eucalypts from where Mick comes from are completely different to ours.

Once Mick’s eyes had healed completely and he was feeling much better, we felt it was time for him to be returned home to the bush where he looked around in amazement because he could actually see the trees!!!!



Even geduld a.u.b........